What happens in case of a breakdown of the car?

What happens in case of a breakdown of the car?

In case of a breakdown:.

- First you have to call us on our emergency line (you will get a Chilean cell-phone chip from us) and indicate the exact ubication. Sometimes problems can solved by phone.

- If not but you can continue, we will tell you where you can find the next garage. We have in all parts of Chile our contract garages.

- If you can´t move on, we send you a breakdown lorry to pick you up and to bring you the next garage. If it´s impossible to continue the trip with the camper, we will send you an replacement camper, if we have availability in an replacement camper. We can´t insure this to 100% but normally it´s not a problem.

Very important is, that you call us (great would be also if you send us an email) and take photos of the damages/issues. In this case you won´t have any problems to solve the problem.

The costs for the breakdown lorry and/or for the change of the camper, depends on the fault. If it was our fault, of course we are responsible for the costs, if not, you´re responsible and have to pay for it.


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